Long Cave

Long Cave lies southeast of Daylight Cave and has multiple entrances. The eastern end has a north and a south entrance as well as the main largest entrance to the eastern side of the cave, a very short distance from Indian Creek, a few hundred yards upstream from the entrance to Daylight Cave. There is also a passageway from the eastern side of the cave to two openings to the western side of the cave. This passageway has multiple chambers on two different levels as well as an under surface creek that appears below the walking path. There is an area within the cave that passes through and requires the need to step to the sides of some rocks through a narrow passageway. The western exit(s) are only a short distance from the north entrance to Shadow Cave, which lies southwest of Long Cave. There is some significant pottery that was discovered on a third level, located between the west and east entry points. For a full day tour, guests will pass through Ceremonial Cave and through Jaguar Cave, hike to the west entrance, pass through Long Cave, view all three exits on the east side, and exit through the northeast entrance. They will then follow a trail back to Jaguar Cave and enter the south entrance pass through to the east entrance and follow a path to pick up tubes and float down Darknight Cave.