Jaguar Cave

Jaguar Cave is the largest cave known within this area, with a very large width and height. There are minor, Mayan artifacts (broken pottery) located in a chamber at a higher elevation within the cave. Jaguar Cave receives its name by the large amount of Jaguar tracks that are found through the cave, as it is the only accessible point between the same large hill range that runs north and south (same range that Darknight Cave lies within). The entrance is on the northeast side; there exists two exits, one smaller one on the southeast side that is a short distance to Indian Creek as well as a larger opening on the southwest side. Jaguar Cave is an access point for all Cave Operations. Jaguar Cave is also proposed to have a zip line to access the north entrance with guests landing on a suspended platform, before zipping to the south entrance where they land on a platform, where they will take a rope bridge to a boulder, just south of the south entrance, to extend their zip tour.