Hells Gate Rocks Float


Difficulty: easy

Rafting down Hell Gate Rocks on the Sibun River includes:

  • Small Jungle trek 1⁄2 ways thru tour
  • Tour ends at Caves Branch River & Sibun River junction

Sibun Hells Gate Rocks Float; Guests will be picked up at the parking lot and transported three miles to the start of the tour on the Sibun River located a few hundred feet above “Hells Gate Rocks” where guests will receive tubes to float down the cleanest River in Belize, and enjoy the beautiful Rock formations. Guests will dock their tubes in a quiet bay that will allow them to have the opportunity to dive or jump off of shear walls 20 feet high into depths that are even deeper. After a brief jungle trek, guests will again grab their tubes and float down through some rapids and their tubing experience will climax with additional rapids where the Caves Branch River joins the Sibun. Guests will ascend the concrete stairway to the Sibun Camp, where they will enter the van to take them back to the restaurant, changing area and parking lot.


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