Long Cave Tour Adventures


Long Cave Tour Adventures;  This Tour has it all, arguably, the most Beautiful Cave of all of the Caves, it features three Grand Entrances on the East side, each Beautiful and unique, it also has multi levels, that serves as the locations of unbelievable amount of pristine artifacts, that are absolutely stunning. Long Cave also has a stream passing thru it emerging occasionally as you pass thru from the west side to the East Entrances, accessing the different levels, with vertical climbs to view the pristine artifacts. Guests exit the South East entrance enter Indian Creek with a raft float down and thru Daylight Cave before exiting the water, hike onto the location to pick up tubes and finish with a float thru Darknight Cave. This tour, combined with Ceremonial, and a pass thru Jaguar Cave, will be a great “Complementary Tour” to the existing “ATM” tour which is capped out as far as numbers that can access this popular Archeological tour.


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