Jaguar Cave Zip Line Tour

Jaguar Cave Zip Line Tour: Has the potential to be the most sought after tour in the Country, the only zip line in the World that the zip line component allows Guests to pass thru a Cave, Guests zipping out Open Air Cave, before using a “Tarzan Swing” as an element to land on a platform, before zipping thru the Entrance of Jaguar  Cave, passing between  stalagmites, landing on a suspended platform 25-30 feet above the floor inside Jaguar Cave, than zip lining the entire length of the Cave, before ascending to the South Entrance, to continue the remaining elements.  Also considering with the Cave Tubing Combo Tour, you finish your Zip Line tour with a 45 foot rappel down out of a Malady tree platform, only 100 feet from the outpost where you shed your zip line gear, and pick up your tube and life jacket, before walking 50 feet and entering the water to finish with a Darknight Cave Tubing adventure. These two tours together are dynamite with the Jaguar Cave Zip Line being a “Destination” zip line, putting you right on top of the beginning of the Darknight Cave Tubing. If Guests choose to do THE Jaguar Cave Zip Line Single, the return back to Open Air Cave will make it the longest zip line in Belize, passing over two Canyons.

Dark Night Jaguar Cave Zipline Staff

Entrance of Jaguar Cave

Suspension Bride Zipline

Zipline full speed into Jaguar Cave

Zipline inside Jaguar Cave

Zip Lining Through the canopy

Suspension Bride Zipline

Suspension Bridge

Manuel of Zipline Techs.


Suspension Bridge


Jaguar Cave element locations in relationship to Caves , trails etc.-Recovered

Ziplining in Jaguar Cave


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