Hell Gate Rocks Rafting Tour


Hell Gate Rock Rafting & Tubing Tour is designed for the Guests that want to relax, and enjoy the beautiful scenic beauty of a Jungle float down the cleanest River in Belize, the Sibun. You get to choose between Rafting and Tubing.

You will start the Tour One Mile and a half upstream from Hell Gate Restaurant, You will receive your helmets and Life Vests immediately after exiting your Shuttle Bus. The entrance to the Tour is only a few minutes hike, with a gentle steps down from the Rock formations will allow you and easy and safe entrance to the Sibun River, either in your tube, if you want to cool off or a raft if you want to stay dry. Your Guide will point out the Jungle fauna and the large amount of Iguana’s that reside along the River Banks, as you enter Hell Gate Rock area. You will think that Heaven’s Gate would be more appropriate, with huge rock formations towering above your tubes and rafts. You will stop at a large Rock outcropping that has a small shallow bay, where you will take a short break walk a few steps in the Jungle canopy to appreciate the beauty of the River Bank, catch a snack and a water break, before heading back out to the river on the tubes and rafts. You will catch a few rapids that will accelerate the watercraft and add some excitement. As you near Hell Gate Restaurant, you enter deeper rapids and feel the rush as you meet the Caves Branch River, the view is fantastic. You can finish by our steps to the Restaurant, this is a great time to go for a swim, if desired before ascending the stairway to the Hell Gate Bar & Restaurant, a beautiful Thatch Structure, which is located over looking the Sibun River & Caves Branch River. As you relax, eat & drink in the Restaurant, you will enjoy the sounds of the Sibun River as the clear water passes over, rapids below. It is a great spot to wind down to appreciate a great Tour, in one of the most picturesque views in all of Belize. You will have the opportunity to purchase items from our gift shop and have your image, taken in dramatic locations, silk screened onto a shirt that will be the envy of all of your friends. Please visit our Museum, with ancient tools and pottery, used in the pre Classic and Classic periods.

What to wear and bring;:

Bring a towel, dress for the tour, shorts or swimming attire, water shoes are nice, we have great water shoes with appropriate grips to rent if needed as well as lockers, for a dry set of clothes, valuables and waterproof phone cases if you want to video tape or record some fabulous memories. We appreciate if you bring your Credit card, as it will make purchases easier for you.

Restrictions; Trip; rated Easy, Guests can expect a few steps descending to enter tubes and rafts as well as 27 steps from River to Restaurant at Tour finish. Children age five to eight (accompanied with parent) and above will enjoy the tour immensely. During Swift Water conditions Tour will be limited to teenagers and adults.


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