Full day Zip Line Cave Tubing Combo


Full day Zip Line Cave Tubing Combo; Guests will experience an “Out of this World” experience with a zip through two caves, Jaguar Cave and Daylight Cave.

In addition, they will float through Darknight Cave. This dimension also adds a “Destination Zip” to Long Cave that allows guests a “quick” trip to Long Cave which allows for additional exploration time. Guests start this incredible tour by exiting the shuttle at the base of the ATV trail that ascends up and into Open Air Cave where they receive Zip Line instruction located to their left as they immediately enter Open Air Cave, before proceeding to the first zip line station a few hundred feet south of Open Air Cave. They zip to the second station, directly over the top of Drop Cave, where they follow a quick hike on the ATV Path over the ridge, turn left and start to descend down, until they reach the platform. They will use the “Tarzan Swing” to the third platform on a large Wild Bread Fruit tree, where they zip into Jaguar Cave through the large north entrance, onto a suspended station that is 25 feet from the floor of the cave and 15 feet from the ceiling. Guests will then zip line to the fifth station located at the south end of the cave, landing on the station and proceeding on a suspended rope bridge to the south exit of Jaguar Cave. They will a short vertical climb to the sixth station, located on a large boulder, just outside of the south entrance of the cave. From there they will zip to the seventh station, to a rock ledge (Corner Hill) aligned with the Upper Plateau of the north entrance to Long Cave and Jaguar Cave. From the Seventh station guests will zip line to the top of the second level of the north entrance to Long Cave (The Plateau), location of the eighth station, where they have the opportunity to view all of the east exits of Long Cave. They will ascend back up to the eighth station, before zipping over to the ninth station, to a large Barbahalote tree just south of the Daylight Cave south entrance. From the ninth station, guests will zip into Daylight Cave and land on the tenth station, in the center “island” of the cave. As guests experience the water flowing under their feet, they will zip line to a sand bar, directly outside of Daylight Cave (eleventh station) before being assisted to a hiking trail that will allow them a short cut path to the tube and life jackets. They will hike over to the south entrance of Darknight Cave for a short 30 minute float through Darknight Cave. Upon exiting the north entrance of Darknight Cave guests will be assisted out of Indian Creek, with staff quickly assembling their gear, passing the tubes and life jackets, onto the tramline back to the point of origin. Guests will hike a short distance and catch the shuttle to return them to the restaurant, changing area and parking lot.


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