Darknight Cave Tubing Tour


Darknight Cave Tubing Adventure

Three Cave Tour

More than a Cave Tubing Tour, Darknight Cave Tubing Adventures offers so much more, Breathtaking Dry Caves, Archeological artifacts, followed by a jungle, trek with the grand finale, Jungle & Darknight Cave Tubing float, you will understand why this is the “New Tour” site everyone is raving about.

Your Tour starts as you receive your safety training, our assistants help you with your helmet & head lamp, within a few minutes you enter Open Air Cave, take a few minutes to take in the beauty of the stalactites that hang from the ceiling, your guide will lead you to a Clevis Point (Mayan spear point) found at the entrance, dating back to 600-900 A.D. used by the ancient Mayans. It is easy to imagine the same Mayans, moving through the same paths that your Tour leads. As you pass through the Rock formations to your right outside of Open Air Cave, you will be amazed at the Shear Limestone walls that extend out and offer you shade as you walk, you will pass by Drop Cave, before descending into a dense Jungle, appreciating the well maintained trails that allow you an easy flow through rolling Hills. You now enter a mature Jungle, before entering Jaguar Cave, named after the Jaguar tracks that are found, within the Cave. The Entrance is breathtaking, with 100 foot high ceilings and openings on each end, you will marvel at the vivid colors, and appreciates the size of Jaguar Cave. Soon you will be passing “the Finger” a Giant Shield that was formed from a huge stalactite that had fallen thousands of years earlier, as it has grown with rich deposits dripping from the ceiling, your trail will pass by live formations that will dazzle you with their brilliant white shimmer. You can start to appreciate why the Ancient Mayans used these same Caves as their way of communicating to their Gods, your Guide is well versed in the ancient Mayan rituals and will be able to share the knowledge of the importance of the Caves to the Mayans that lived and worshipped in this area.

You will exit Jaguar Cave and start your destination to your Float, but before you reach you will experience Indian Creek on your right and vertical cliffs to your left as you pass in and out of Jungle. Soon you reach the access to your Darknight Cave Tubing Adventure, Assistance will have your tubes ready, and after equipping you with your life vest, you will enjoy getting in and feel the coolness of the crystal clear water of Indian Creek. Soon you are floating through the Jungle, before entering Darknight Cave, as you look back, you will see a beautiful view of the entrance, before you turn the corner, to make full use of your headlamps. Your Guide will entertain you pointing out the different formations during a relaxing float. Every curve will bring a new beautiful site, as you reach the exit, the Cave narrows and you will enjoy a quick finish as you feel the rush of exiting in a dramatic fashion. As our assistants help you out of Indian Creek you will view an additional clevis point that was found in Indian Creek, lost Centuries ago, by ancient fisherman, now you only have a brief trek back to the Shuttles to head to Hell Gate Bar & Restaurant, a beautiful Thatch Structure, which is located on the very spot that the Sibun River & Caves Branch River meet. As you relax, eat & drink in the Restaurant, you will enjoy the sounds of the Sibun River as the clear water passes over, rapids below. It is a great spot to wind down to appreciate a great Tour, in one of the most picturesque views in all of Belize. You will have the opportunity to purchase items from our gift shop and have your image, taken in dramatic locations, silk screened onto a shirt that will be the envy of all of your friends. Please visit our Museum, with ancient tools and pottery, used in the pre Classic and Classic periods.

What to wear and bring:

Bring a towel, dress for the tour, shorts or swimming attire, water shoes are nice, we have great water shoes with appropriate grips to rent if needed as well as lockers, for a dry set of clothes, valuables and waterproof phone cases if you want to video tape or record some fabulous memories. We appreciate if you bring your Credit card, as it will make purchases easier for you.

Restrictions; Guests can expect a strenuous 35 minute Cave & Jungle hike, any impairment that will not allow decent mobilization within the tour, pregnancy, heart ailments, known back and hip injuries will not be available to attend. Children age eight and above will enjoy the tour immensely.


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