Cave Tubing thru Darknight Cave


(Three Cave Tour)

Difficulty: easy

  • Open Air Cave
  • Jaguar Cave
  • Darknight Cave

Cave Tubing thru Darknight Cave, which as in all of the tours, includes a breathtaking hike through Jaguar Cave. As guests are dropped off from the shuttle at the base of the Open Air Cave, they ascend 400 feet into the Open Air Cave and then exit Open Air Cave and immediately follow the trail around the edge of the right hand side of the canyon, passing near the top opening of Drop cave. They head over the top of a ridge and follow the ATV trail down the south side of the ridge, turning left, where they follow a trail to the large north entrance of Jaguar Cave. They will pass thru Jaguar Cave, heading south through the cave and heading to the east entrance where they will follow the trail towards that leads them to the location that houses the tubes and life Jackets (point of origin for tramline). From this point, it is a short walk where they will descend into Indian Creek for a short jungle float, before floating through Darknight Cave. The guests will have assistance exiting Indian Creek after they pass through Darknight Cave. The staff will take their tubes and life jackets and pass them to a tramline that will return the tubes to their origin. Guests will also be relieved of their helmets and headlights, which staff will return to Open Air Cave. The guests will walk a short distance to be picked up by the shuttle and returned to the restaurant, changing area and parking lot.


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