About Us

Tour Operation Business

Dark Night Cave and Adventures Ltd is a tour operation business that offers its guests a high adventure theme with a strong blend of the archeological significance of the area. 

Located on the foot of the Maya Mountains, some five miles off the junction of the George Price Highway and Franks Eddy Village in the Cayo District amids rugged limestone caves and the convergence of the Sibun and Branch Mouth Rivers, Dark Night Cave Adventures is the right place for those looking for fun and adventure – whether it is soft, medium or hard-core.

There are three national points of interest located within the 2,600 acre property: Hell Gate, where the Sibun and the Caves Branch river converge is used for river rafting and tubing; Dark night Cave, is the centre for cave tubing adventures; and Daylight Cave is the rafting mecca.

Also located on the property are numerous caves treasured with centuries-old Mayan artifacts, which not only underscore the historical importance of the area, but also provide visitors with a valuable insight on the underworld life of the early inhabitants of these caves. We have found evidence dating back 3,000- 5,000 B.C. to the Paleo-Indians who hunted the wooly mammoth & giant sloths. We have discovered an abundance of potteries and Lowe & clevis points (Maya spear point) dating to 600-900 A.D.

Our cave tours have been carefully designed to be least intrusive, yet allow guests to safely pass through while appreciating the legacy of the ancient Maya. Each cave has is own beauty and unique features, which provide a lasting impact on our guests.

Dark Night Cave Tubing Adventures Ltd is a 100% Belizean-owned company. The owners have over ten years experience in the tourism industry. They are also the proprietors of Parrot Cove Lodge in Hopkins, which was one of the Belize Tourism Board’s finalists of Small Resort of the Year in 2013. As such, they understand and encourage guest satisfaction.

We embrace the safety of our guests; all of our guides are well trained and versed in archaeology, possess their BTB Guide License, and have gone through the required certification programs for their particular tour. The full disclosure of our local “BSOLT” and internationally recognized “OUTWORLD RESCUE” & HIGH ADVENTURE TECHNOLOGY are available upon request.

We are working directly with N.I.C.H (National Institute of Culture & Heritage), as well as BTB (Belize Tourism Board) and the Department of Environment, to create a sustainable development plan that promises to amaze and educate our guests while underscoring the preservation and care of our environment and artifacts.

We place great emphasis on the quality of our tours. For this reason we utilize well-tested operational procedures, which results in well organized, timed and high quality tours thus guaranteeing maximum guest satisfaction.

We try our utmost best to accommodate guests looking for different kinds of adventures. Apart from caving and tubing we also offer a zip line adventure.
We aspire to be the top most desired and visited Adventure Company in Belize. We plan on achieving this by offering a variety of unique, memorable and fun adventures while taking into consideration the safety of our guests and guides as well as quality of our tours and staff.